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About Us


Atlantica Seafood has 300 years of combined seafood expertise, built on one simple idea:

Seafood should be sourced from the best areas of the world.

The company initially began with president Chris Johnson, who was working out of Australia for Hagen Stehr raising Bluefin Tuna. Atlantica has grown into a major food importer sourcing high end product from all across the globe, whether it’s Australia, South Africa, South America, Japan, or China. Atlantica specializes in Crab, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Tuna, and farm-raised species. Their high standards and focus have brought in the best premium and unusual top-of-the-line products.

Atlantica has offices located in New Jersey, Miami, Thailand, Bangkok, Athens, and Cape Town.



Our Team

Helen Vassilaris has 8 years experience in the Seafood Industry of Fresh Fish (Aquaculture and Wild catch) from the Mediterranean working for production companies, responsible for opening new markets around the world. Helen is responsible for sourcing in Europe and currently lives between Greece and Italy.





Chris Johnson has 43 years in the seafood industry. He was a commercial fishing captain,aquaculture biologist, processor, and wholesale/retail distributor. Chris is responsible for sourcing in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.


Hai Lin has over 22 years experience in seafood, which began with 6 years grading and buying sushi-quality tuna at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. Also known as “Eddie”, Hai spent the last 15 years in the US importing these high quality tuna into the US from all over the world.

Cecilia Rosen-Roberts is a highly motivated Sales Manager who brings 10 years of experience in the seafood business. Knowledgeable with smoked and fresh seafood, their imports, processes and distributor relationships. Her role at Atlantica Imports is to establish, maintain and keep valued customers, help them develop their business and widen their buying choices. Cecilia has her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FIU, is happily married and has twin daughters in college. Before Atlantica Imports, Cecilia has worked in the sales teams for Rainforest Tilapia, Aqua Chile, Acme and Marine Harvest.

Steve Smolar has 38 years experience in the industry. Steve was an Alaskan fisherman, and worked in seafood development in the Indo-Pacific region. Steve currently lives in Asia and is responsible for sourcing products from there.

Tom Byrne has 33 years experience in the seafood industry. Working in fresh and frozen sales, purchasing, and quality control for a nation distributor of high grade Japanese products. Tom handles sales for the the West Coast, and South of the US.





Scott DellaPenna has 35 years experience in the Seafood Industry. He spent 20 years with A & P Supermarket’s buying, selling & marketing retail seafood programs of both frozen & fresh seafood from the US and around the world. Scott also spent 7 years as a food service sales person with a major seafood importer of both fresh and frozen seafood. Scott handles sales for the Northeast and Midwest of the US.